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The Man From Earth - Lets talk

If you haven't watched this movie yet, leave this page right now, bookmark this page, Watch this movie and comeback of course!

"Huge spoilers ahead, beware"

Ok, so now we have only those who have watched this fascinating Movie "The Man From Earth" and lets talk about it. Share our feelings and emotions if you'd felt while watching, cos that's why we are here for.

Long time back I had an itch of a "must watch a movie", if you know what i mean, and I had this movie in my hand and searched a review in IMDb which had above 7 rating and so I thought "Lets try and scratch that itch a bit" But I was expecting something like a high tech sci-fi stuff and gizmos. And so got bored in the first 2 min of the movie and skipped in here and there to see if there was any action and found non. So I put it down and went for something else..I know that was stupid but when you are craving for a cake, you want a cake and not a finger chips.  

So it was thrown under and was rotting. But after couple of years, my friend suggested this movie asking "Dude, have you seen the Man from earth movie?". You know when your movie buddy suggests a movie, you watch it without reading the review or rating to get the most out of that movie. Its a trust, that can happen only among movie buddies.

Waited for a perfect evening with no "Software work" pressure and man oh man..I could've missed a gem of a movie, a movie about human history. I know its fictional, but still that's what makes this such a fascinating movie...Like Dan said, "Anything's possible"..

The Man From Earth - John starts his Story
There were 3 "wow, wait a min" moments for me in this movie. First being John Travelling along with Columbus and saying he was once afraid that Columbus could actually fall off from the edge of the world.

This is when you know what this story is all about and where it is going. The background music and Dan's action were just perfect. And then the Loud grunt that John makes just brings everyone to reality, like shaking you as if you were mind wandering and thinking about what just happened.

The Man From Earth - John knows a Biblical figure
The second one being the Holy stuff. I'm not a christian but still that was like a punch in the face. I mean I was not offended or something but just made me search more on our history. But poor Edith, she couldn't handle it well.

Just thinking about Jesus childhood and the missing years of his early life in history records..thinking about the possibilities. And by the way, in Tamil language in India, Jesus was referred by the name "Yesu". Sounds somewhat similar to what John was talking about in the movie about his name pull of a hat.

Then the last one, 3rd one, was when John accepted it was all a hoax and the John Partee thing. But when he backed off, I was like "God, damn it" and when Dan said "Son of a ...."  I was like "Yeah!" and chuckling and laughing in affirmation to his feelings as I was feeling the same. But when Dr.Gruber learns that he met his father, it was just a perfect ending to the story, a story that was kept secret and will remain a secret. But this movie made me think about mankind and increased my love of history.

The Man From Earth - Dan - Anything's possible

And this had become one of those movies which I never get enough of it and watch it every once in awhile.