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Ghibli Studio releases 3 movies in 2013

The Wind is Rising - Miyazaki's Movie 2013

Ghibli Studio announces 2 new movie releases scheduled this summer of 2013 and the movies are "The Wind is Rising" - by Miyazaki and "Tale of Princess Kaguya" - by Takahata.

And the third movie is 2nd part of Porco Rosso which is already completed as per IMDb's info. The movie "The Wind is Rising" is based on a real life character, Jiro Horikoshi, a war plane designer during the times of  world war II. 

Miyazaki had already done 2 part manga series based on him and now it'll be a movie from Ghibli Studio. And this movie comes after Miyazaki's Ponyo 2008. Joe Hisashi is the music composer for this movie.

Tale of Princess Kaguya is Takahata's first after 14yrs and he last directed My Neighbors the Yamadas. And this film is based on a famous Japanese folktale in which Kaguya is a small bady discovered in a glowing bamboo plant.

It probably take more time for these movies to get translated in english and a dvd / bluray is released. So Ghibli Studio fans had to wait in anticipation!