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The Amazing Spider-man - is amazing after all?

I've seen the Spider man trilogy and loved the SM1 and 2. But how about this remake of the SM1? Seems like it's not for all. 

There were mixed reactions in IMDB forum (as always).

Alright I'm gonna share my thoughts on this Amazing Spider man 3D after my viewing today. 


So finally having some time to share my views on Amazing Spider man which I saw yesterday.

I happen to see this movie with my friends Suresh and Ragu. Suresh didn't see any of the Spider man franchise movies and he had no idea how it's gonna be, but had high expectations.

Ragu had seen the first 2 movies I believe, but he didn't know it was a remake of the first one. And I've seen the Spider man trilogy and I know Amazing spider man is a remake.

So here comes the review in 3 different perspectives and their views.

Suresh felt like he was hoping for something big gonna happen till the end of the movie but he couldn't find one. So he was slightly disappointed. Also he said that the fighting sequence is a bit less and being a super hero movie, there wasn't enough scenes of spider man saving civilians. (hmm wondering whether he'd seen the 1st part!)

Finally he felt like things were rushed a bit, like the (SPOILERS) way he discloses his identity as the spider man to her girl friend too soon.

Ragu like I said before seen Spider man movie but since he didn't know that Amazing spider man is just a remake of it, he was comparing both these movies in many situations.

He said, the scientist character in the early Spider man movie has some more depth to his character than the one on this movie. He was also not satisfied with the fight sequence in this movie comparing to the earlier one. And for some bizarre reasons he didn't like the idea of artificial web watch that the spider man uses in this movie and Suresh was once questioning what if web producing watch gets dried or out of fuel?

They all have valid points there. But since I'd known before that this is a remake I didn't have high expectations but was hoping for better animations and 3D visuals, and I got what I was expecting.

The Spider man view of swinging was cool and gripping. Some scenes had nice 3D gimmick shots. But if you care about the story and characters, the uncle relation had more depth and bond in earlier spider man movie than this. Also, the romance was more complicated in the earlier version of Spiderman as he fights within himself.

But if you want to have some good time and want to spend it with your friends, girl friend, family etc go and see this movie. You won't be disappointed.Overall I didn't want to be too critical about this movie and I think it's worth the money. I give 6.5/10.

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