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Evil Dead 2013 - Is Waiting to Scare You..Again

#Evil Dead 2013 - Horror

This year 2013 brings a great surprise as the remake of the most horrific film of all time Evil Dead is getting released in the month of April to June all over the world.

I wasn't really expecting this and there was no rumor or news about the remake of the Classic Evil dead.

Even though many are expecting this remake will not be as good the classic 1981 version but judging from the trailers, it still seem to be having a bit more juice;) in it to scare the hell of you all.

With today's CGI one can expect the effect they could produce in gore department, but IMDb says the crew stuck with more of the practical effects rather than the modern computer effects. But still you won't gonna be seeing any stop motion dances of Zombies here in this Evil Dead remake.

Acting in gore horror movies is not easy as the scenes could have a severe psychological effects to the actors even though they know it's all just a movie. Seems Lily Collins dropped the offer of Mia character after winning the audition for that character. We can expect many more rumors to follow as for the actors or we "the viewers" after the movie is released - the after effects.

But for now, another trivia from IMDb - There is something evil in the names of the characters. Mia, Eric, David, Natalie and Olivia. Can you decipher?