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Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence And The Oscar

Silver Linings - Pat & Pat Sr.

Just like Silver Linings 

made you to watch this movie because of it's high rating and popularity..the topic should've taken you here..hoping for something..( yes it worked hehe)

Anyway here it is, my thoughts after watching this movie, Silver Linings Playbook...

About a year back, a highly rated, super box office hit movie was making some noise and so wanted to check "The Hunger Games" and was totally disappointed and felt cheated for it being overrated and had high expectations. But it was a OK movie, nothing special.

This year, after all the hype and Oscar wins and high rating (thanks to IMDb)..after watching the "Silver Linings Playbook" this time, dejavu. It's not about the story though, but the series of unfortunate events that taken place after watching this movie.. like "how on earth did she won "The Oscar"", "rating of 8.0 in IMDb- seriously?", "2hours! - been waiting for that silver lining moment...."

Sorry for all the quotes..Couldn't resist. Everything was predictable in this movie..except for **SPOILERS** reading signs part of Tiffany conversation with Pat Sr. But one guy in IMDb board was saying "Art is subjective" , but really? This movie?

Gist: Mentally unstable Pat after spending some time in mental institute(for his assault on his wife's BF) gets discharged and was gonna have to spend time with his parents with medication. He gets to meet similarly mentally screwed up girl Tiffany and there was a spark. Pat was on restraining order against him, thanks to his wife Nikke but Pat is still obsessed with Nikke and wanted to get her love back.

In the meantime, Pat shows his mental instability now and then with his dad and mom and Pat Sr. was disappointed and feeling guilt for not having spend enough quality time with Pat(younger son). Meanwhile, Tiffany offers help to give letter to Nikke as they are friends and in exchange wanted Pat to be her partner in a dance competition. They dance and again spark some emotion.

Silver Lining - Superstition & Betting

And Pat Sr. is a bookie and he bet with his bookie friend for a living after retirement and has beliefs in Eagle's Juju and superstitions. Pat Sr. opens up with his son Pat and bets entire fortune (which he plans on buying a restaurant) on a game and asks Pat to watch the game with his elder son and friends. But it ends up in a fight and due to negative energy created Pat Sr. lost the game and the fortune.

Tiffany explains the magics happen when they two are together with statistics and everyone impressed. Pat Sr. bets again with a double and if they score 5 in the dance competition and which they eventually did and won the bet and live happily ever after. They find  the silver linings and Jennifer Lawrence wins "The Oscar".

She nailed the rating for this movie in this movie..should've been in the oscar panel.

Silver Linings - Rating