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Godzilla - 2014 - Is it Good?

Godzilla 2014

While looking at the trailer of Godzilla 2014 and having watched the Godzilla of 1998, I think the there will be nothing new in the story apart from new ways of destroying the city and giving a hard time for the mayor.

I know it's just been released and I'm only assuming what it might be from the looks of trailer but still what can you expect for a Godzilla movie? It's not a sequel and so the creature is getting discovered as new and story starts as if new but still we already know what to expect. This is just like Amazing spider man with different Villains.

The only new experience we expect to get from it is that now we are seeing it in 3D and hope that's worth a watch for 3D fans.

So have you seen it? Share what you think of it.