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War horse - Spielberg at his best again?

So here I am, yet again writing about a movie with horse. War horse is Spielberg's latest work and name of the man itself is enough for anyone to checkout this movie.

Believe me this movie is not about horse in sports or War movie. It's all about the emotional bond that revolves around the horse and the people who come in contact with it.

It starts beautifully with the birth of this horse "Joey" and how Albert(main character) is fascinated by this horse's movements and its personality. He is curious and want to bond with this horse which he didn't own.

But when the time came for Joey to be sold, Albert's father, a poor  farmer, instead of buying a good plough animal, he buys this young stallion, to the delight of his son.

I'm not gonna narrate the entire story here, so see for yourself how the bonding take place between Albert and Joey and how it gets separated due to the War and the people who happen to meet Joey along the journey till the end.

The movie shows love, courage, fear, destiny, etc. I'll give it a 8/10. It's a keeper!