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Se7en - A Disappointing Movie

#Se7en - Somerset & Mills

Okay, I don't want to tag MY opinion to Se7en as a "Disappointing Movie", but it's my opinion by the way. So what was the disappointing is all about? Well, there are many. Lets start with acting.

Mills was a bad detective. I can't comprehend whether it was the character himself or Brad Pitt. I suppose there was some Brad to it, cos he does over act some times to be cool. May be it was '95 and early in his carrier. But he turned out well now and he added subtle acting to his armory.( the last part was to let you guys know that I don't hate him ; )

Mrs.Mills, one can easily predict that she's gonna be a victim. She had virtually no role in this movie except for us to feel sympathy for her and Mills at the end. Think about the scenes when she called detective Somerset, totally unnatural. Just showing her good will for the climax.

"Se7en Sins"? Is there any order in which the psycho has to follow? Why not start with envy! Ok, then there will be no movie at all and I won't be posting here. So lets assume that psycho believed he has to clean this Se7en sins as everyone become more "tolerant" as these sins are becoming more common, except him "The Psycho".

But what's with the genre of this movie being "thriller"? It was like a crime documentary. The only intelligent part they showed is how they find John Doe. Even that was so vague like they found him in the first shot from the list. 

The biggest disappointment was the climax itself. I had a crazy idea about the climax when John said " I'm setting an example..and what I've done is going to be puzzled over...and studied...and followed..."  but nothing really happens..

And what's with the location of nowhere at the end? I thought that was brilliant as the high power cables would cause electric flux and that will disconnect the detectives with the cops in helicopter and something's gonna happen, but then again nothing happens.

John was right about two bodies at the end. Just for a moment I thought, Mills gonna be the third.And how the hell on earth, the parcel got delivered? Was it addressed "in the middle of nowhere"?

Aww, that feels better now! I was itching to write this after watching this movie. Yeah I know I blew my lid off and I was expecting something else than what I got but is there anything to defend this movie?