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Spirit the stallion of the Cimarron- Hans Zimmer Bryan Adams

Welcome back to the animated section of this blog. Now I'm going to introduce you to one of "The" favorite animated movie of all time, of mine - Spirit The Stallion of the Cimarron.

This movie got everything a movie lover needs and wants. Lets get to the great people who worked on this movie. First, Hans Zimmer, the great musician, the oscar winner(8 Nominations). Second,  songs by Bryan Adams. Matt Damon, narrator of the character "Spirit".

Did I miss anyone? Of course, the talented animators who merged the hand drawn plain 2d and 3D CGI.

So what this movie is about! Well, it's about the spirit of a horse which didn't break when the human tried to. The story take place during the time when the americans expand their rail roads and grabbing the lands of the native Indians.

This movie got nice phase to the story, some times I felt things are happening a bit too fast, the main characters which you will care for. And to touch your heart and soul, it got awesome music and songs. Eventually you may  end up with tears in your eyes, but gotta swipe it and act manly before someone sees it(lol). And it got the love between Spirit and Rain, and bond with Indian.

Just the right mix of everything which makes this movie the ultimate must watch from my movie collections. I recommend 10/10.

Here are some soundtracks you can enjoy.
Sound the bugle down
Nothing I've ever known