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Prometheus - Exploring the beginning of Life

As an enthusiast of universe, alien life form and mysteries, I find this movie,Prometheus, to be fascinating, gripping and interesting.

I say "mystery" because there were so many if and buts in this movie which remains unanswered or probably leading to a sequel.

To make things clear, this is not related to the movie "Alien" but the alien creatures on a couple of occasions resemble the creatures seen in "Alien" movies. Here is the mystery #1 for you to discuss.

So, does this movie resembles any other movies? Well, "Mission to Mars" strikes me! If you've seen Mission to Mars, then you'd know the basic story line of Prometheus.

Weyland Corp.
Here it goes, a wealthy entrepreneur and founder of Weyland Corp., an enthusiast of universe, alien life form (just like me ;) and how life on earth started, starts a mission Project Genesis to the deepest darkest place on universe based on the discoveries of ancient paintings of our ancestors.

Finally when they reach the destination, they explore the planet for any signs of lives. The "Engineers" whom they say the creators of humans, dies off mysteriously a long time ago leaves behind some holograms of important events which we eventually find and explore further for the cause of the death of the Engineers.

But then the exploration turns to be devastating not only for the travelers but also for the humans on earth.

It's definitely a go and see movie. 8/10 from me.

Notable Performances: 

Michael Fassbender who plays "David" , an android (male humanoid), makes a stunning appearance showcasing his talents as an android. Having said that, his subtle smiley non/less emotional dialog deliveries were just perfect, which are intriguing at times. 

Noomi Rapace who plays "Elizabeth Shaw" does a pretty good performance. She is the man in this movie.

P.S: What do you think are the mysteries in this movie?