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Wrath of the Titans - 3D Experience

The weekend ended well with some window shopping and a nice 3D movie experience.

For the record I didn't see the first part, Clash of the Titans, so it was a bit hard to follow the names and theme of the movie.

But as the time went by, the 3D and the sound experience got me going but still I couldn't worry or feel what the characters had to say. Some of the visuals were great like the flying horse, moving rocks and the two guys in a single body stunt fights, which was uniquely designed I had to say. The physics in his body movements was fantastic for such a creature.

But many visuals reminded me of other movies like avatar flying sequence / how to train your dragon flying sequence, harry potter moving stair cases and wand fights. I'm not saying it was bad but it was all seen and felt before.

What is more disturbing is that more movies started to use the war between two species in an epic scale to try to impress the audience and fails as it was done and dusted so many times.

A couple of weeks back we saw another high budget sci-fi 3D movie called John Carter, which was disappointing. Both WOTT and JC has similarities which lured us to go and see them, high budget action flick, 3D and epic battles.

I'd prefer WOTT for better fighting sequence, 3D and sound effects but both lack character development and plot. I'd give 5.9 for Wrath of the Titans.